Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meanwhile, Outside the Ship...

This is a cropped version of the image. The full version is posted here:

I consider this kind of a "failed experiment" - but it's still interesting enough to post...

Steel Trees

A futuristic city catching the afternoon light...

The Traverse

It is like a glacier, but it's really not a glacier...
In fact it might not be a natural formation at all. But whatever it is, the explorers shown must cross over...
I was a bit inspired by the abstract backgrounds that Syd Mead often puts into his paintings.
This image and some of the others here are also posted in my gallery on Deviant Art:

The Long Ascent

This is a 3D render with some painting done on top of the image. The tiny figures were painted at a much larger scale, then reduced and integrated into the terrain.
I haven't the slightest idea what this enormous structure is!

Chasing the Storm

This is a fanciful aircraft based loosely on the AH-60 Black Hawk helicopter fuselage.
It was fun to paint the clouds using the Photoshop Smudge tool in combination with some jittery custom brushes.