Friday, June 08, 2012

Prometheus Concept Art I

I worked on this film over 2 years ago, but now that it's out and the dust is settling I can post a few of those images from the early development of the project.

These views show Weyland's headquarters on Mars. As with much of the concept work, this image was created entirely in 3D - and it is seen as a background in a briefing aboard the ship.


Rob Caswell said...

Hey Steve, neat stuff. I had no idea about the whole Mars connection. I guess it's one of those things I can now spot in the movie, but it's certainly not made clear. Too bad - it's a neat angle.

I got the "Art of" book, yesterday. At least one of these images is in it. So is the installation we see a terraforming operation? What's the mechanics behind those arrays?

Steve B said...

Rob - the installation is a combination of things. It's a splar power array, a research complex, and part of it is Weyland's main office. Originally Shaw and Holloway were actually going to travel here, but it wound up just being shown in a hologram.

Another idea that was explored was a large space station as the "main office" - kind of an O'Neill L-5 space colony ring.

Jakubon said...

oh man... awesome works! aspecialy love three first concepts. Greets!

Vaughan Ling said...

Nice! Nice detail with the heliostats. It looks like the solar farms in spain