Monday, August 02, 2010

Abstract Space Sketch

I've always loved John Berkey's art and every once in a while I try and do something inspired by his work. This is my latest humble attempt - a very very quick speed painting (less than 1 hour)


Humza Khan said...

Nice two posts. It's really fun to see you do a thought out and thought provoking fusion powered spacecraft design in 3D and then see more more spontaneous impressionistic compositional value peices as well.

Steve Burg said...

Thanks - and sorry about having to screen the comments - I've been getting a lot of "spam".

The really hard edged precise 3D stuff really does contrast with the loose sketches. I like to go back and forth - depending on my mindset.

One approach really does inform the other - although the nature of the 3D process is much more time consuming!